Injury or Illness

After a mental or physical injury or illness, a person may be not getting better. They don’t know what to do. But they do not know what they need or how to tell you.

We will help fill in the forms required for Worker’s Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident claims.

This will help the insurer company determine if a person is eligible for health care, medications, temporary income and return to work/home assistance.

We will ask the questions needed to fill in the required forms. We will then review the answers to ensure the forms are completed properly. We will send the forms within 2 work days for signature. We take care of the process so that the injured/ill person can focus on getting better.

We also help the person discover what they can or cannot do, and we help them on their journey back to health.

Our process is simple:

  • Complete a questionnaire on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • Our healthcare professional reviews the answers, and follows up with the person as needed.

  • We provide a report.