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Accommodation –
Stay at Work and Return to Work
Using a functional model, we understand a person’s abilities and limitations with the purpose of collaborating with the employee and employer to determine how to safely execute a plan to keep or return the employee to productive work, in a timely manner.
Early Intervention/
Workplace Wellness
Early intervention programs are provided on-site at the employee’s place of work by a clinician. Employees are seen early in the injury/discomfort process to address individual health barriers. They are assisted throughout their recovery journey to ensure overall wellness is achieved.
Occupational Therapy
Our highly trained Occupational Therapists focus on physical, cognitive, and psychoemotional health to ensure people are assessed and treated using a holistic approach. The goal is to assist a person with their return to desired activities, both at work and in their personal life.
Ergonomics and Job Demands Analysis – Physical and Cognitive Behavioural
In-depth analysis of job tasks to outline the physical, cognitive, psychoemotional, and sensory demands required to complete the essential duties and/or ergonomic risk factors associated with the job.
Therapy – Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy are provided on-site or in our clinics. Clinicians are trained in sports/industrial therapy to restore physical function and movement using a range of manual, mobilization, and exercise techniques.
Disability Case Management
Our disability management team ensures collaboration of care is achieved between the employee, their healthcare professionals, and their employer. The focus is on the employee’s abilities in conjunction with their essential job duties in order to assist all parties with an evidence-based functional return to work plan.