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Return to Work

We use a proven process to help a person work more productively or return them to meaningful work in a timely manner; either in their own job or by doing alternate tasks within their capabilities.

Injury or


After an injury or illness, we will help fill in the forms required for claims.  We also help the person discover what they can or cannot do, and we help them on their journey back to health.

Short Term


We understand the nature of injury or illness, link the employee’s abilities with the job task, and assist the employee’s journey through the healthcare system. We are compassionate in our care to your employee.



By leveraging expert questionnaires, we can understand a person’s health needs upfront to better plan for their care.  We believe in being thorough and effective in our care for your employee.

learn about a person’s situation and capabilities. to make connections that matter. for timely return to meaningful work and home life. We link a person’s abilities with Our simplified process uses proven health questionnaires to Our healthcare team reviews the answers, and spends their time We help navigate and provide strategies for accommodation and what they need to do at home and at work

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